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We adore bread

At Home Bake, we like good, fresh bread, preferably still hot from the oven, baked with a little love. We eat it to enjoy it. Alone, or with our loved ones, families and friends.

This is why we pour our heart, and all the available knowledge, into baking delicious fresh bread, straight from the oven. Real bread, that combines centuries old tradition with new technology and the finest ingredients, all to allow you to enjoy freshly baked bread, whenever you want it.

What sets our bread apart?

What sets us apart, is the attention we pay to our people. We call it our human chain, a chain of farmers, millers, bakers, colleagues, and our customers. Together, we dedicate ourselves to finding ways to perfect what we do, every single time, with an unyielding respect for our heritage.

It’s not just the taste, smell and quality of our bread. It’s respect for nature, and for each individual. These are the foundations of bread as we bake it. If we perform a little better every single day, that will enhance the quality of our bread, and of the world we live in.