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About Home Bake


The founding of Home Bake

Home Bake BV is a bakery, spun off from Délifrance broodproducten in 2019. We produce part-baked artisan bread products in our bakery, which is based in Ridderkerk, The Netherlands.
Each and every day, we use our expertise, joy and unrelenting dedication to make a wide assortment of French bread products that you only need to give a finishing touch at home.

We aim to grow in the domestic and foreign markets for the foreseeable future. We will grow using the products we co-developed with Délifrance, and with new, innovative bread products, each of which is meant to allow you to enjoy fresh bread, finished by you, at the moment of your choice.

Bread and natural ingredients we love

Obviously, we have a strong preference for using only natural ingredients. Fine flour, the best grain, and a little yeast. You will taste these natural ingredients at home, together with our love and passion for the craft!