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Cooperation Home Bake with Délifrance

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Home Bake & Délifrance: Our cooperation

For years, Home Bake BV has made Délifrance’s delicious artisan bread in its bread baking facility. This is bread that adheres to French recipes, ready for you to finish at home. So that you can enjoy freshly baked French bread at your pleasure: alone, with your family, or when you have friends over.


Bringing French tradition home

Our bread comes from deeply engrained baking traditions, from our passion for quality, and from a close partnership with the chefs at Délifrance. That creates an artisan bread product of exceptional quality, that brings a bit of France into your home.

We only use the finest, specially selected ingredients for our Délifrance Home Bake products: the finest flour, yeast, a pinch of salt, and water are the basics.

Our master bakers control the entire process: weighing the ingredients, kneading the dough, all the way until our bread is (nearly) ready. All you need to do is finish it off at home, and you’re done! Ready to enjoy that golden crust and light, airy inside at any moment.

This is how we give you a warm and pleasant taste of French tradition and charm, in your own home!

The next time you are having breakfast, lunch, tea or dinner with Délifrance bread, share that French zest for life with friends and family!