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From the grain fields to the oven

The delicious smell and taste of bread, it’s just magnificent. Bread that looks so good it makes your mouth water. It’s one of the best things in life and it deserves to be shared. With your loved ones, families and friends. It’s why we make bread. It’s the perfect companion for good times.
We create bread, by making the traditions of baking our own, combined with the latest technologies and our dedication to quality. The age-old tradition of baking creates an outcome that is made for your enjoyment, your moment.
We select only the finest ingredients: flour, yeast, some salt, and fresh water. Our master bakers manage the entire process: the ingredients must be weighed, the dough must be kneaded, and then we reach the point when our bread is nearly ready, when it is placed in special, airtight packaging. All you need to do is finish it off in the oven or air fryer. And then you can enjoy freshly baked bread that’s light and soft inside and has a golden crust.
Our part-baked bread is meant to be relished at any time of day, giving you the taste of simple joy, French traditions and charm. Next time you enjoy breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea, or dinner, with family and friends, or in the intimate company of your partner, don’t forget to share and enjoy our bread, and French-style zest for life!

The secrets of great bread

Carefully selected natural ingredients
For our Délifrance bakery products, we select only the finest ingredients, offering unique benefits for the taste. You will smell it and taste it!

The best wheat
We select the finest grains. These are milled to create a marvellous wheat flour.

No preservatives
Our part-baked products are chockful of natural ingredients. We mean it: purely natural ingredients only.

Authentic French recipes

We make Délifrance Home Bake products according to traditional French recipes, so your can have that authentic experience.

Quality products, modified oxygen packaging
When you purchase Délifrance bakery products, they sit in handy airtight modified oxygen packaging. That allows you to keep our products for several weeks after purchase. It takes only 8 to 10 minutes to finish our bread products at your home (see packaging for specific baking times, these may differ per product).
With Délifrance baked bread products, you can always enjoy fresh, hot bread, even when you have unexpected guests.